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Thank you for visiting my PE Web site!  This is where you can check out what we're doing in gym class each month.  Here at Washington School I strive to make physical education fun for all the students.  I encourage the students to try all the activities; not just the ones they're good at and help them feel better about themselves in doing so.

Below is where you'll find out what's on tap in PE from week to week.  Please check back again soon for our weekly activities.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at school anytime.

What’s Happening In Physical Education 
at Washington School?

         We Really Enjoyed Another Great School Year in 205-16!  I'm really excited to enter this next phase of my teaching career; but I will always treasure my ten years of teaching here at Washington Elementary School.  Teaching this age group definitely keeps you on your toes.  It has a blast each and every day. 

         I have lived here in Quincy most of my life.  Many of the teachers I had in school are still around (I’m not that old… yet!).  On top of teaching, I am the Boy's Head Basketball Coach for here at Quincy Senior High School.  

         I enjoy a lot of different activities such as golfing, drawing and painting (as well as other types of art), being outside and many other things.  Coaching and teaching are also things that I love.  Just Remember that the CARDS are ALWAYS better than the Cubs!!!

        Welcome Mr. Broekemeier to Washington Elementary School.  He's really an awesome teacher with a lot of experience; you are going to love him.  Throughout the year, you'll continue to review Covey's Seven Habits. To start, the classes will learn on what P.E. (Physical Education) really is and what it can do for each individual.  They'll also work on the basics and gradually move forward once we have mastered them.  Here at Washington Elementary School we really focus on the Coveys Seven Habits.  They are as follows:

1 – Be proactive
2 – Begin with the end in mind  
3 – Put first things first
4 – Think win – win 
5 – Seek first to understand, then to be understood
6 – Synergize
7 – Sharpen the saw

These habits will help each person succeed in this school.  It is something that takes some effort, but always has great results.  The Covey 7 Habits are something that students and staff focus on each day.  We are already looking forward!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at your convenience at 222-4059, or by email by clicking on the e-mail icon on top of the page.  Good Luck to you all & Thank you for everything!  

Remember to Always do your Best!

This month we're doing:

Be a good listener @ home & stay active.

Mr. Douglas
P.E. Teacher
Washington School

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