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Thank you for your support!  Each year, we continue to implement pedometers into our activities: while we "Walk Across America".  Years ago, Through an Illinois PTA grant, we were able to purchase pedometers to track fitness through walking.  This included a social studies program that we will also integrate into the PE classes.  The children use the pedometers during select days of the month in physical education classes.  We'll also work on an after school time that's available for parents to participate.  

Throughout this unit (Walk Across America), the students learn a minimum of 3 things about each and every state they walked through.  While we walk across a particular state, the students learn the state mottoflower, and tree.  We also discuss the capitals and "other" facts as time allows.  Information on this unit will be sent home as necessary.  Located below on this web site, you'll find trivia questions - Questions that all the students will learn, be sure to check them out.  

When the report cards are sent home; You'll note that on my report cards, I include each student's BMI (Body Mass Index) score.   The students are weighed and measured each quarter and their scores recorded on the back of their report cards.  Parents can compare the age of their students with the normal range scores to see where their child is scored.  The BMI is just one tool to measure student's health.  It should not be used solely to determine if your child is healthy.  If you have any questions, please call me at Dewey School @  228-7117.    

Yours in fitness,
 Mrs. Zaerr    
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Click Here to test what you've learned in Gym while walking across America.
What is the State Motto of Illinois?Hawkeye State
Hoosier State
Gem State
Prairie State
What is the State Motto of Missouri?Cardinal State
Lone Star State
Show Me State
Sunshine State
What is the State Motto of Kansas?Garden State
Peach State
Sunflower State
Volunteer State
Web Poll Questions - Walking Across America
What have you learned?
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1.  What is the difference between a snack and a treat?

2.  What is your heart made of?

3.  What does your heart pump?

4.  What will smoking do to your heart?

5.  Where is your heart and how big is it?

6.  What is the difference between healthy foods and junk foods?

7.  What does the red blood have that the blue blood does not?

8.  Where does blood travel to get oxygen?

9.  How many rooms are in the heart?

10.  What three things can you do to keep a healthy heart?

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1.  A snack is healthy food that can be eaten everyday and a treat is a "sweet" 
     that should only be eaten every now and then.

2. The heart is made of muscle.

3.  Your heart pumps blood.

4.  Smoking will cause your heart beat to get faster when it should be resting. 
5.  Your heart is in the middle of your chest and it is about the size of your fist.

6.  Healthy foods give you energy and nutrition.  Junk foods may give you
     quick energy but have very little nutrition for your body to stay healthy.

7.  The red blood has oxygen.  The blue blood does not.

8.  Blood travels to the lungs to find oxygen.

9.  There are 4 rooms in the heart.

10.  Eat Healthy Stuff, Move Around Enough, Live Tobacco-Free.

Below are two Links that I thought I'd share with you.

The 1st Web Site shows health tips for parents and children.   After clicking on the American Heart Icon: click on Children's Health on the left menu to find either a link that says For Kids or For Parents.   On the For Kids link you will find a section for K-2 students.  Click on the Follow the Blood link and you will find a dot to dot of the heart.  This is the same heart chart that we used to study the heart in our gym classes.  We traced the flow of the red and blue blood throughout the heart and lungs.  There are also interesting and fun games and materials all over this web site.  Just have fun while you are learning to take care of your bodies.

On the second web site below, you will find the food pyramid and a lot of fun games and activities.  In our gym classes, we discussed the importance of healthy foods verses junk foods and treats.  This web site also helps parents make food fun and interesting for their children.

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Are you getting enough of each food group?
What is the State Motto of Nebraska?Bluegrass State
Cornhusker State
Cottonwood State
Green Mountain State
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Each child has the ability to earn shoe tokens - for the distance they've walked in gym class. 
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