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PE @ Baldwin School is Awesome!
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Mr. Kappner
Ms. Oitker
Mr. Turke
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PE @ Baldwin is the BEST
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How often do you Roller Skate outside of School?2x or more weekly
Once a week
Mr. Turke taught me this trick!  We learn a lot in gym it's Awesome!   We have Great Teachers here @ Baldwin!
Mr. Kappner taught me these moves in gym class @ Baldwin.  Thanks a lot Mr. Kappner - You're AWESOME!
Look what Ms. Oitker taught me.  When you believe in yourself - anything is possible!
Look what Ms. Oitker taught me.  When you believe in yourself - anything is possible!
PE @ Baldwin is the BEST!
Mrs. Bearden is SO COOL!
QUINCY is The Best when it comes to Basketball!
We have the Greatest PE Teachers!  We Love Bowling!
Ms. Oitker is Queen on the Volleyball Court!
Thank you for supporting us & the American Heart Association!
No one can Skate as great as Mr. Kappner!  Skating in PE was AWESOME!  Thank you.
      Thank you for visiting our PE Website for Baldwin!  We greatly appreciate it!  The PE teachers at Baldwin want to keep our parents, students and the community informed on what is happening at Baldwin.  Our goal is to keep our students motivated and physically active during their physical education class.  Our students should be able to have fun during their PE time but also learn about the activities so they are able to take them home and play with neighbors and especially their family.  The activities we have our students participate in during school, we hope they take them home and get their family moving as well!  The family activity time is VERY important!

      The Baldwin PE Department would like to send out a huge THANK YOU to all those who helped make the purchase of the Rock Wall and Dance, Dance Revolution system possible.  We now have both of these activities in our curriculum and the students LOVE them!  Being able to purchase two pieces of equipment like this goes to show that we have great community support around us!  A healthy heart and lifestyle are our main priorities!!  

                         1) Activity Day
                         2) Football/Softball/Ultimate Ball
                         3) Pacer

Our Athletic Day Testing Consists of: 
(1) 400 m Run  (2) 40 yd Dash  (3) Softball Trow  &  (4) Soccer Punt          

We are really excited about our PE Program!  We've added so much to our curriculum, as well as equipment and opportunities for the students!  We've even introduced pedometers into the classes; and now...We even have a new climbing wall!  

Remember to always do your Best; 
You hold the key to success in your attitude and effort!  
What was your Favorite Balwin Olympic Event?400 M Long Run
40 Yard Dash
Softball Throw
Soccer Punt
How far can you "Punt" a Soccer Ball?
Throwing a Softball is my Best Event!
BALDWIN  OLYMPICS  -  How did you do this year?
BALDWIN  OLYMPICS  -  How will you do this year?
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Our PE Teachers demonstrate proper technique!
The Wise Owl says "An Active Healthy Lifestyle = SUCCESS!"
This Year We Will be doing our "Baldwin Olympics". However, the Question Remains: Should these "Olympics" be held Every Year or Every other year?YES - Every Year
NO - Every other Year
BALDWIN  OLYMPICS  -  Every Year or Every Other Year?
BALDWIN  OLYMPICS  -  Every Year or Every Other Year?
BALDWIN  OLYMPICS  -  How will you do this year?
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PE @ Baldwin is the BEST!
Stay Active & Get Involved In Area Events - It's Fun!!!   We are going to have a Great Year!